Forum Update

[Owner] Craftiii4 a posted 11 hours ago

As you can see, the guy(Xarly) who had done part of the work on the forums decided to leave, deleting a lot of the content they had worked on and more that he hadn't.

This was apparently due to him (Xarly) being annoyed at how he was treated. Which means he was annoyed that he didn't have pex access (because that was the only thing recently changed about his permissions). We had offered to pay him for his work, but he did not want any payment.

For now I've applied a generic theme to the site and myself/Mott will work on adding the content he deleted again.

I'm sure you can see how childish this entire affair is, but go talk to Xarly about that, we offered payment, he didn't want it. Out of good faith we gave him permissions that he clearly can't handle. I wish him the best of luck in the future because he clearly going to need luck to make up for his personality.